1999 Environment Grants

Grants in this area are focused on protecting wilderness areas and supporting grass-roots organizations interested in keeping our rivers, bays and coastal waters clean and safe. (Total grants $120K)

The Nature Conservancy, San Francisco, CA. $10,000 to create a site-based conservation strategy for the Northern Sierra Nevada.

San Francisco BayKeeper, San Francisco, CA. $30,000 to support the Pesticide Use Reduction Program.

Surfrider Foundation, San Clemente, CA. $20,000 to support rollout and implementation of the Beachscape Program. Beachscape is a citizen-based coastal mapping program to create a detailed dataset of the coast.

The Trust for Public Land, San Francisco, CA. $10,000 to conduct an assessment and develop a strategic plan to guide TPL’s work in the Sierra Nevada over the next several years.

The Wilderness Society, San Francisco, CA. $50,000 to help develop a comprehensive reserve system for the Sierra Nevada.

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