2006 Environment Grants

Grants in this area are focused on protecting wilderness areas and supporting grass-roots organizations that are involved in keeping our rivers, bays and coastal waters clean and safe.  The Foundation continues to support technical development in the area of landscape analysis and water quality monitoring that will benefit a broad range of conservation activities.  (Total grants $134,000)

BayKeeper, San Francisco, CA.  $10,000 to support the San Francisco Baykeeper Project.

Columbia Land Conservancy, Chatham, NY.  $4,000 to support the environmental education program.

Feather River Land Trust, Quincy, CA.  $10,000 to support the Conservation Opportunity Fund.

The Nature Conservancy, San Francisco, CA.  $15,000 to support the Northern Sierra Nevada Project Area.

Ocean Research and Conservation Association, Fort Pierce, FL.  $5,000 to support the Kilroy Project.  

Surfrider Foundation, San Clemente, CA.  $20,000 to support Surfrider Foundation’s national efforts to sustain chapter campaigns throughout their grassroots network.

Truckee Donner Land Trust, Truckee, CA.  $20,000 to support the Truckee Open Space and Trails campaign.  

The Trust for Public Land, San Francisco, CA.  $20,000 to support the Sierra Nevada Program. 

The Wilderness Society, San Francisco, CA.  $25,000 to support the Wildland Fire Research and Application Program in Southern California.  

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