2014 Medical and Scientific Research Grants

Grants in this area are focused on diseases and other scientific research of particular interest to the Foundation.  For medical research, emphasis is on finding a cure, developing new treatments and improving the quality of life of individuals afflicted with these diseases.  Additionally, the Foundation has continued support for collegiate and graduate-level physics programs, helping to attract the best minds to this important and often under-funded research area.  (Total grants $165,000)

Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California, Mountain View, CA.  $20,000 to support the New Investigator Research Program. 

American Heart AssociationLos Angeles, CA.  $20,000 to support a post doctoral research fellowship.

Christopher Reeve Foundation, Springfield, NJ.  $20,000 to support the collaborative interneuronal roadmap research project.

Glaucoma Research FoundationSan Francisco, CA.  $20,000 to help support the Catalyst For a Cure Two initiative.

National Breast Cancer Coalition FundWashington, DC.  $20,000 to support the Research and Clinical Trials project. 

Rockefeller UniversityNew York, NY.  $10,000 to help support the investigation of Alzheimer’s disease in the laboratory of Dr. Strickland.     

Stanford UniversityStanford, CA.  $20,000 to support a graduate fellowship at the Institute for Theoretical Physics.   

University of Pittsburgh School of MedicinePittsburgh, PA.  $20,000 to support a post-doctoral fellow performing prostate cancer research in the Department of Urology.

University of WashingtonSeattle, WA.  $15,000 to support graduate fellowship stipends in the Department of Physics with an emphasis on physics education (K-20) and the Physics Summer Institute.

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