2019 Research Grants

Grants in this area are focused on diseases and other scientific research of particular interest to the Foundation.  For medical research, emphasis is on finding a cure, developing new treatments and improving the quality of life of individuals afflicted with these diseases.  Additionally, the Foundation has continued support for collegiate and graduate-level physics programs, helping to attract the best minds to this important and often under-funded research area.  (Total grants $130,000)

Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California, Mountain View, CA.  $20,000 to support the International Research Grant Program. 

American Heart AssociationLos Angeles, CA.  $20,000 to support a post doctoral research fellowship.

Fight for Sight, New York, NY.  $5,000 to support vision research.

Glaucoma Research FoundationSan Francisco, CA.  $25,000 to help support the Catalyst For a Cure Three initiative.

Michael J.Fox Foundation for Parkinson's ResearchNew York, NY.  $20,000 to support Parkinson's disease research.

National Breast Cancer Coalition FundWashington, DC.  $20,000 to support the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 Initiative. 

Stanford UniversityStanford, CA.  $20,000 to support a graduate fellowship at the Institute for Theoretical Physics.   

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