1999 Grant Programs

During 1999, the Foundation made grants in the areas of medical research, education, the environment and social services. For the first time, the Foundation had specific regional goals for its grant making, particularly in the areas of social services and the environment. Social services grants were raised to a concentration of over 50% by dollar value in the San Francisco Bay Area, while new environmental programs were focused in the Northern Sierra Nevada region. To view specific grants and their objectives by focus area please select from the menu above.

1999 Social Services Grants

Grants in this area cover a broad range of community issues of interest to the Foundation. Broadly stated they cover the areas of: youth programs, programs for the disabled and/or elderly, hunger relief, affordable housing, nutritional programs, and disaster relief. (Total grants $185K)

1999 Education Grants

Grants in this area are focused primarily on improving educational opportunities for minority students from elementary school through college. Additionally, the Foundation supports medical training in the areas of rural practice and humanism and also supports adult continuing education. (Total grants $199K)

1999 Medical Research Grants

Grants in this area are focused on diseases of particular interest to the Foundation. Emphasis is on finding a cure, developing new treatments and improving the quality of life of individuals afflicted with these diseases. Additionally, the Foundation supports basic cell process research activities that should be leveragable to a broad range of disease-specific research. (Total grants $245K)